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Back to Black!

(Alexander Herchcovitch Fall 2011 )

As a California girl, I was ecstatic to find color a must-have trend for the fall and winter months this year. Sure, I rocked the royal blue denim skinnies and the gold metallic top but thought I would do a tribute to my best friend and fellow blogger’s favorite color year round- Black. You know who you are…xx!

Eugenia Kim Jill Beanie, $175

To Buy:


Tignanello Suede Chain Flap Bag, $109

To Buy:

1 Per Diem Nugget Wrap Ring, $105

To Buy:

Le Petit Petit Dream Woven Lace Skirt, $128

To Buy:

Miss Me? Sid-2 Booties, $22 (members), $59.95 (non-members)

To Buy:—sid-2/43368

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