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Stand Out in Color!

Today I went to about 8 fall previews and what did I see? Colored denim. Yes. Editors, bloggers, everyone and their mother was sporting colored denim.  My thoughts?  It’s time to post a story on one of my favorite things- color!  And since east coasters don’t tend to like it as much as west coasters, I thought I’d take advantage of the trend and share some of my favorite items that are sure to add that “oh so trendy” pop of color to any of your outfits.

1. Mellina+Co Neon Flow Circle Bracelets, $160

2. BE&D Big City Sneaker, $128

3. May 28th 8:20AM Watch, $39

4. Level 99 Aqua Colored skinny Jeans, $81

5. Bauble Bar Acrylic Monogram Necklace, $56 (medium) $72 (extra large)

6. BE&D Nixie Bag, $398

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Get It Now! Music Style Fashion and Tips

Who are we kidding…we love music but we love fashion as well! With music festival season rapidly approaching us (ahem, Coachella), it was important for us to come up with some useful style tips as well as fashionable items to rock out in.

1. If you’re going to be outdoors all day, protect your eyes.

Westward Leaning Sunglasses, $165-$295

*PLUS for each pair sold $10 is donated to the charity associated with the specific style.

2. Don’t know what top to wear? Easy. You can’t go wrong at a music festival wearing a band tee.

The Who Tee, $17.80

3. Revamp an old pair of shorts or jeans with some scissors, fabric dye, and studs for a unique look.

RUNAWAYDREAMZ Handmade Vintage Half Studded Shorts, $168

4. Want to be the topic of everyone’s conversation? Rock an eye-catching accessory.

BIKO Mirim Necklace, $118

5. Add some pop to your look by sporting some colorful sneakers.

Vans Neon Authentic Shoes, $45

6. Spoil your wrists with some arm candy.

Sisco+Berluti Happy Stacks Bracelets, $125

7. Keep your hands free all day and night by opting for a small cross body bag.

Khirma Eliazov Mignonne Pouch, $725

8. Fingers feeling a bit naked? Bring attention to that manicure with some sparkle and shine.

Lyra Lovestar Zoie Stackable Rings, $120

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Valentine’s Day Accessories for Each Type of Girl

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And if you’re a typical guy, you’ve probably been scratching your head as to what to buy your sweet. Chocolate? Flowers? A card? Boring!! In fact, let me share with you a piece of information I tell ALL my guy friends when they ask me what to buy their significant others…GIRLS LIKE THINGS WE CAN WEAR!

Think of Beyonce’s song Single Ladies. One of the lyrics goes, “Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.” Hey, I’m not asking for a proposal but why not take it to the next level. I mean, if you like it why not put a ring, necklace, or bracelet on it?  

And ladies, if you don’t have a special someone, it doesn’t hurt to buy yourself a little present or two. Below are some of my favorite accessories for this fun holiday…

For The Trendsetter: Mellina+Co Glitz Me Clear Bracelet, $150

To Buy:

For The Romantic: Dalla Nonna Calendar Necklace, $150+ (different metals, finishes, and stones available)

To Buy:

For The Minx: Donatienne Camille Clutch, $360 (available in other colors)

To Buy:

For The Hipster: Low Luv Moon and Stars Locket Ring, $55 (available in silver)

To Buy:

For The Girl Next Door: Melinda Maria Textured Heart+Arrow Necklace, $95 (rose gold)

To Buy:

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