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Stand Out in Color!

Today I went to about 8 fall previews and what did I see? Colored denim. Yes. Editors, bloggers, everyone and their mother was sporting colored denim.  My thoughts?  It’s time to post a story on one of my favorite things- color!  And since east coasters don’t tend to like it as much as west coasters, I thought I’d take advantage of the trend and share some of my favorite items that are sure to add that “oh so trendy” pop of color to any of your outfits.

1. Mellina+Co Neon Flow Circle Bracelets, $160

2. BE&D Big City Sneaker, $128

3. May 28th 8:20AM Watch, $39

4. Level 99 Aqua Colored skinny Jeans, $81

5. Bauble Bar Acrylic Monogram Necklace, $56 (medium) $72 (extra large)

6. BE&D Nixie Bag, $398

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